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You’re warmly invited to join “The FOCUS Community” a dynamic platform I use and provision to Practitioners (Yoga Coaches, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Dentists, Business Mentors, Life Coaches, Reiki Masters, Nutritionists, Energy Healers, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Fitness Trainers, Educators and many more) like you, supporting you on the path to grow your business from the Heart.

It’s one in which you naturally open the door for you to accelerate the evolution of your work…

Here, you will have unlimited access to the mastery library to all the tools and scripts you need to help you attract and turn potential clients thru heart selling conversations into working privately 1on1 or within a group with you.

That will be:

1. Online Q&A support to immediately answer your burning questions to help you get more clients and grow your practice.

2. Monthly live online gatherings to strategise for any situation you encounter and celebrate you, support you, give you feedback, partner with you and cheer you on.

Such as:
* How to turn “I can’t afford it” into “I can’t afford NOT to sign up for your program.”
* How to answer the question, “How Much Do You Charge?” with confidence and grace.
* Support your potential clients to talk themselves into working with you?
* How to price and package your services for maximum value to your clients?
* Give your heart and give value during the “Get Clients” consultation process.
* Client retention strategies: How to nurture your client relationships so they stay with you for monthly retainers?
* How to ask for referrals authentically?
* How to make hot, lucrative offers from speaking events/webinars by standing in your value?
* How to maximise every speaking event/webinar…Knowing how to present your offer.
And so much more…

You will have the exact steps to ascend to being a trusted, premium practitioner (including the exact words to use with your clients).

3. Quarterly workshops on key strategies to accelerate the evolution of your practice.

Such as:
* Learn the 5 key principles in the heart selling framework to take the focus off of you and instead put the focus on SERVING your potential client. Thus, find yourself feeling completely confident in any conversation with a potential client.

* The proven process on how to go from initial meeting to booking a discovery consultation to offering high-end programs or packages that turn into paying clients and doubling your revenue…

* 7 Simple Steps to Get Lots of Local Speaking Engagements (Even If You Are an Introvert)

And so much more…

Join us, together to be guiding from the Heart your business creatively & consciously…

…and doing it near effortlessly, easier than you thought possible, and faster:

Robert Chan

Join The FOCUS Community

Looking forward very much to seeing you together on the upcoming Live Gathering online.